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Ivana Barač is a Croatian fashion designer. She was born 1972. in Dubrovnik. Educated in fashion design school „PROFPKUS“ in Zagreb and Istituto di Moda Burgo Milano. She started designing contemporary women's handbags and multi functional clothing. A signature style and construction skills was immediately apparent in her first presentation to the public, in 2008. with SKIRT BAG collection

What she sees in context of this notion is the ceaseless effort to question the possibility of permeating generally accepted clothing conventions with practical, multipurpose design principles , that insist on aesthetic design , without compromise in any sense.

At firs glance, simplified fashion ideas, there is completely unconventional discourse which puts her into a role of thinker of intellectual aesthetics. each design captures strength and sensitivity in equal parts. Her attitude towards fashion remind of cosmopolitanism which pushes clothes into the background, evoking its exclusive role of „tool“.

ivana barač